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Jan 22 FUTURES Performance TFIF

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The Futures Performance featured: Venessa Possum (Dharug Dharawal), Syrus Marcus Ware (Black, from Turtle Island), Claire G. Coleman (Noongar), and Jen Rae (Métis)

Through text, spoken word, performance and soundscape, artists considered what it might mean to be at the end of the world. Speaking to us from the future, each artist posed questions around land and water rights, colonization, emergency and resilience. Coupled with a sunset cruise of the harbour, stopping at Kiribilli and other notable sites along the way, narratives from the future invited audiences to consider the rich, shifting, fragile landscape both in and out of present time.

Performances featured:

Gurugal (Forever and a Beginning) 2020, Antarctica, 2019/2020, We are Water, 2020, Sleepwalking Towards Extinction, 2019, Evacuate, 2018, guwaga baragula - breathing flood tide finale.

Photographs by Rafaela Pandolfini

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