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Tribal Warrior

Other Sights is proud to partner with Tribal Warrior for the future is floating. As Cultural Ambassadors, Tribal Warrior will provide the exchange artists with tours of Sydney Harbour, and a floating space for workshops. During their time aboard Tribal Warriors vessel, the Mari Nawi, the exchange artists will connect with the stories of the Eora, Cadigal, Guringai, Wangal, Gammeraigal and

Wallumedegal people. 

Tribal Warrior, Other Sights & Sydney Festival will also host a series of events on the water aboard the Mari Nawi, where attendees can enjoy experimental soundscapes, animated discussion, presentations, performances and Bush Tucker canapes along with spectacular views from the water. Book your tickets here

The Future is Floating project is grateful for this partnership in this program of events and exchange. 


A not-for-profit community organisation initiated and directed by Aboriginal people with Aboriginal Elders, the Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation was established by concerned Aboriginal people with a view to spread and vitalise Aboriginal culture, and to provide economic and social stability. Tribal Warrior provides quality training for employment skills, and extends everyday practical assistance by distributing food and groceries to struggling families. The Management Committee of the Corporation includes grass roots Aboriginal people from various areas, and respected Elders. Click here for more on Tribal Warrior.

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